Pastor:   Dr. Thomas Coleman

Pastor ColemanDr. Thomas Coleman has been the Senior Pastor at Calvary Independent Baptist Church of Huntingdon, PA since 1989. Pastor Coleman is a graduate of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. With an undergraduate degree in Bible, his graduate degrees include a Master of Arts in Bible and a Ph.D. in New Testament Interpretation from the same institution. Prior to his current ministry, Dr. Coleman served on the pastoral staff of Bethel Baptist Church in Schaumburg, IL, where he was also director of Schaumburg Bible Institute. Pastor Coleman is also quite involved in Christian education. Not only is Calvary Independent Baptist Church home to Calvary Christian Academy, but he has also served on the board of Keystone Christian Education Association since 1993 and is currently the President. Pastor Coleman is a past President of the Central Pennsylvanian Fundamental Preacher's Association. He has also had the privilege of speaking at the Bob Jones University Bible Conference and ministerial guest speaker program as well as at Clearwater Christian College. He and his wife Becky have three children. His hobbies include shooting, reloading, fishing and hunting.

In the fall of 2005, Pastor Coleman had a serious hunting accident.  Click here to view the page created after his accident.



Youth Pastor:    Adam Joyner

Pastor Adam Joyner


Pastor Adam has been serving as Calvary's youth pastor since 2012.  

He holds a master's degree in Biblical Counseling as well as a BA in Bible from Bob Jones University.  Pastor Adam has previously served on staff at The Wild's camp in Brevard, NC as well as holding positions at Bob Jones University as a resident assistant and dorm counselor.

He and his wife, Beth, have an active ministry with the teenagers and youth programs at the church. The Joyners have one daughter, Chloe.










Music & Media:    Rev. David B. Donnelly

Pastor Dave has been the Director of Music and Media at CIBC since November 2013.  

He holds a Master of Ministry Degree from Bob Jones University as well as a BS in Communication with minors in Vocal Performance and Computer Science. His ordination was held at Calvary in 2004.

Prior to his time at Calvary, Pastor Dave served in various churches and on radio and television through several Christian ministries.  He served bi-vocationally at several churches including Faith Baptist Church of Osterville, MA, Trough Creek Valley Community Church of Todd, PA and Calvary Bible Church of Alexandria, PA.  He then travelled for several years as an itinerant preacher and with his music ministry before being asked to serve at Calvary. He and his wife Jennifer have eight children: Kara, Kelsey, David P., Katrina, Kathryn, Kendall, Kiersten and Kylie.